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Rodica Iancu D.D.S.
Cosmetic and General Dentistry
Creating Beautiful Healthy Smiles


If only Google would allow me to give 10 stars! Dr. Iancu helped me to achieve the results I dreamed about! Our paths crossed for a reason. I searched not only for a good DDS in Dental Cosmetology, but also for a doctor who will understand my vision. I went to different specialists who had different opinions of what needed to be done for my needs....but Dr. Iancu suggested a plan for me without overspending on extra work that would not be necessary in my case and it worked! Dr. Iancu you are the BEST!. We are lucky to have you here in Milwaukee! Do not waste time for searching for anyone else. Attention to details, painless work and aiming for perfection is a solid foundation, but Dr. Iancu is also very kind with her patients. She understood my needs, my worries and questions...and helped me to see my Dream Smile today! Thank you Dr. Iancu! If I could only give 10 stars here!!!

Natasha Satanovski

Six years ago, Dr Iancu replaced 8 veneers on my upper and lower front teeth. During the process Dr Iancu worked closely with the dental lab to get the color match as close to my natural teeth color. My (current) dentist complimented me on the veneers and said they were the best veneers he has seen. The veneers have boosted my confidence and allow me to smile without hesitation.


Dr. Iancu and her team are first rate. Beginning with Sue up front, Lynn, the hygienist, and Dr. Iancu the master dentist, all work to create the most welcoming and professional environment. Dr. Iancu is an artist that can transform one’s smile. Anyone interested in veneers should look no further...

Jill Hanson – May 12, 2021

Dr. Iancu's skill, expertise, and thoroughness is unquestionable - I count myself as more than fortunate to be a patient of hers. The personal time and attention given to patients is unparalleled. Additionally, when asked, Dr. Iancu provided me with referrals to two other health care providers which have both proven to be excellent practitioners - as an outstanding physician herself I trusted that Dr. Iancu would connect me with doctors of equal merit as she did! I could not recommend Dr. Iancu more strongly - I only wish that she was an orthopedic surgeon as well :)

Mary W. Grafton, WI

If you want the BEST Dentist ..... Look No Further.
Dr. Rodica Iancu entered my life in late December 2020.
I found this dentist to using the most up-to-date procedures.
Whether it involves crowns, veneers, etc. or a general cleaning,
her knowledge on dental procedures is far superior than any dentist that I have ever met.
Being a mastery teacher myself, I am well aware of excellence.
In meeting Dr. Iancu, I met and recognized the number one dentist in the Milwaukee/Ozaukee area.
Trust me ..... You will never find a more caring dentist with superior knowledge, years of experience, and advanced dental procedures.
(A very pleased and impressed patient.)

M Turck 2/2021

I am so grateful to have found my way into Dr. Iancu's office! Dental visits usually leave me a ball of nerves and panic attacks (one previous dentist admitted that she almost called 911!) , but I felt so calm and reassured here! Dr. Iancu took the time to really explain everything she was doing, offer bits of info that helped allay my fears, and see to the little details that make the whole experience more comfortable. (No numbing gel getting to the back of my throat! Yay!) Also, you can tell Dr. Iancu has invested in equipment that makes all the little things more comfortable, and make the visit go faster. All of this added up to a wonderful dental visit that really made my day! Thank you so much Dr. Iancu!!!!

Chava E. 8/6/2020

Dr. Iancu is the best! I recently had a bridge and several veneers done, and she did a terrific job. She made the experience very easy and was extremely kind and patient. If you are looking for a caring, gentle, and overall excellent dentist, I highly recommend Dr. Iancu's office. I love my new smile! Thank you to Dr. Iancu and her staff!

Rose R.,Cedarburg Jul 29, 2020

Dr Iancu is the best dentist I have been to in my entire life. She is so caring and gentle. Whenever she is doing anything inside my mouth she asks if I am okay, if I need a break. Everything she has done, including several crowns, is done with great care and precision and I have never had to have anything redone.

Diane B.

I lived in the Northshore for about 6 years and internationally in different countries for decades. tried different dentists and never felt as comfortable as I did with Dr. Iancu and her team. I followed up with Dr. Iancu since I've been to her the first time and did multiple cleaning visits (Every three months) with her amazing hygienist (Lynn), installed a crown and veneers as well as teeth whitening. Dr. Iancu did a fantastic job completely redesigning my smile and attended to both the health and optics of my teeth in a stress-free, gentle and capable way. I would recommend Dr. Iancu blindly and trust her and her team's experience. Last and not least it's been incredibly convenient and easy to maintain my schedule as the process is incredibly smooth

Wael Kadry — Jun 16, 2022

Wael Kadry — Jun 16, 2022

I highly recommend Dr. Rodica and her staff for any dental work. Her results are amazing and she is extremely gentle. I had 4 extractions, several crowns and 2 fillings and never experienced any pain during or post treatment. I had veneers on my front teeth (also never experienced any pain) and my smile looks fantastic now. They are extremely accommodating with scheduling and very kind and welcoming. You really feel at home in her office.

Sarah B.

I had a routine check-up today, but have been treated by her for over 20 years. It's too easy to take things for granted, so I decided to share these thoughts. First, Dr. Iancu has always been up-to-date with the latest technology and treatment. I always know that I'm receiving top-notch care. Second, she practices painless dentistry; having been traumatized as a kid, I still marvel at how she is able to give me the care I need without inflicting trauma. And on top of that, she is a wonderful person who obviously cares about her patients and staff. It has been a very long time since I wished to avoid the dentist!

Brad B. Milwaukee, WI

If I could write my review of Dr. Iancu as well as Dr. Iancu performs the skills of dentistry, it would reflect talent, competence, and capabilities of the highest level. When one is fortunate to observe a "master of their craft", at anything, you know it immediately. The quality of care I have received as Dr. Iancu's patient has been nothing short of excellent. (I just wish she was also a knee surgeon :)

Mary Cahill Waldheim in Grafton, WI – Sep 17, 2018

“I have been a patient of Dr. Iancu’s for about 25 yrs. At first, her practice was close to my house (convenience), then she moved-and I followed- and I would keep following her no matter where she is located.
Dr. Iancu is a wonderful professional, not just because of her dental training and skills, which are outstanding, but also for her calming and informative “ chairside manner”. As I got older I had various dental issues, but thanks to Dr.Iancu’s expertise I have not missed any work, and I get compliments on my perfect smile.”

Sandy M., Shorewood, WI

During a pre-employment physical examination, the physician told me that "he'd never seen more beautiful dental restoration/maintenance in his life".
I agree and I have Dr. Iancu and her wonderful, caring staff to thank for 30+ years of great smiles!

Patricia M., Menomonee Falls

My husband introduced me to Dr. Iancu when he went to her for veneers. He never liked the size of his teeth and Dr. Iancu did a beautiful job transforming his teeth into the smile he had always wanted. I had nice teeth however after years of getting crowns from different dentists, I felt my teeth looked like a patchwork of each dentists work. Dr. Iancu replaced my crowns so that my teeth are now beautifully uniform in color and look like my original teeth. My husband and I are extremely happy with the results we received from Dr. Iancu and appreciate her caring and personal approach with her patients. She makes you feel like you are part of her family. We highly recommend Dr. Iancu.

Pam G., Mequon

I have been a patient of Dr. Iancu for more than 10 years. She has always been efficient and meticulous while providing great care, available options, and excellent referrals when needed. She does have a waiting room but I've never used it - she is always on schedule!

Susan V., Mequon

Don't Wait, See Dr. Iancu, Your Smile Depends On It !‏
I will be forever thankful and grateful to Dr. Iancu for helping transform my smile, and transform my life.
Her knowledge, skill, creativity, flexibility (finding appointment times that fit my busy schedule), and ability to work within my budget all contributed to a successful outcome.
I would be happy to provide any references or discuss my experiences with anyone who has questions or inquiries regarding her work.

Georgann F., RN, Mequon

My Top Ten Reasons for Loving Dr. Iancu
10) Her artistry for shaping and shading my porcelain crowns, fixed bridges, and
9) Her technical mastery
8) Her state of the art technical equipment
7) She follows best practices long after hours in emergencies.
6) She follows best practices – no short cuts – for adjusting my bite – done
systematically with utmost precision.
5) Her highly efficient practice
4) Her aesthetically calming and comfortable suites
3) Her genuine regard for each individual patient
2) She sings on pitch.
1) She gave me a beautiful smile for the first time EVER.

sjmj – Whitefish Bay

In need of a new dentist I sought recommendations from trusted friends. I “interviewed” four dentists and chose Dr. Rodica Iancu. This choice turned out to be one of the wisest health decisions I’ve made.

Through the dedicated professionalism and skilled talent of Dr. Iancu my teeth and smile are restored. My mouth feels healthy and pain free.

She is innovative, self-confident and compassionate – a rare combination. Add a warm sense of humor and I find myself in the unusual position of looking forward to going to the dentist!

Kathleen R., Bayside

For a special birthday I treated myself to a “Smile-Makeover”. I diligently made a list of the cosmetic dentists in the Greater Milwaukee area and listened carefully to any relevant experiences that my friends had with cosmetic dentists. I consulted with eight different cosmetic dentists but, even after the investment of my time and attention, I was not compelled towards a commitment to my smile project…….until I met Dr. Iancu.

My initial meeting was a consultation wherein she studied my teeth and my smile and then explained to me her ideas and suggestions for my smile improvement and how it would all be accomplished. Her explanations were superb in that I felt that I understood the tasks and sequences of events throughout the entire “Smile-Makeover”. Additionally I studied a number of pictures of her patient’s “before and after” smiles. I could tell that the quality of her work was “First Class”. In my experience I can say, without reservation, that Dr. Iancu is technically brilliant, she has an eye for artistry, proportion and detail and she is utterly passionate about the end result for her patients. Her thoroughness and strict attention to detail are exactly what you pray for in a cosmetic dentist. I could not be more pleased and grateful for the beautiful smile that I now enjoy. For me, I find that my new smile has boosted my personal confidence and I find I laugh a lot more! Laughing is healthy.

Additionally and importantly, as if the above were not enough of a ringing endorsement, Dr. Iancu has configured her practice in such a manner that “you feel like you are family” when you go to the dentist! Her office is beautifully done and immaculately clean. I was warmly greeted for each and every appointment, I never felt rushed for her to get to another patient and she enjoys a close and professional relationship with her wonderful assistant, Barbie. They are quiet a team and have both found their way into work in which both they and their patients benefit. I feel fortunate and am proud to be a patient of Dr. Iancu.

A.W.G. of Mequon

Thank you for your perfect creation of my caps. They've changed my life: I smile a lot more now, and am smiled back at too!

Pat N., Fox Point

When I came into the practice of Dr. Rodica Iancu, my teeth, which had amassed a mine field of troubles, had already been cleared of amalgam fillings by a holistic dentist in Chicago, but much restorative and cosmetic work remained. Dr. Iancu took over this rescue operation with such expert care that most of my worries over the long-term health of my mouth have by now faded as discomforts subside and my smile brightens. For the first time in many years I feel confident in both dental health and appearance. Dr. Iancu has answered all my questions, addressed every need promptly, and all her interventions seem to be equally meticulous. I trust her skills and her professional standards. I'm very grateful Dr. Iancu was recommended to me, and I'm happy to spread the word about her excellent work.

Susan E. Milwaukee

I'm old enough to have outlived five dentists--but not one of them delivered the thorough, watchful care that Dr. Iancu does! My mouth is healthier now than ever. And my teeth have never been so white!

Charles N., Fox Point

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